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Fog aka Free Open Ghost Compile Kernel

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - by Keith A. Smith

I have been running fog now for about 6 years now and one of the things that i haven't had to do a lot of was compile a kernel in order to make some device compatible with fog. There was a time period that i had to do a lot of this and i never made note of the commands l used. I decided to test myself on an ubuntu machine to see if i could still do this the right way,
tar zxvf fog*

sudo tar -xvf filename.tar.xz

cd into the downloads/fog_0.32/kernels

sudo cp core.config /usr/src/kernels/linux-3.13.6/.config

sudo make xconfig

sudo make ARCH=i386 bzImage
The results......yep still got it!! and bonus points this time because i blogged about it now.
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