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vCenter 6.0 interface sucks

Thursday, September 10, 2015 - by Keith A. Smith

As mentioned here, I finally made the move back to vSphere and decided to go with version 6. There has been chatter over the past few years that, the release of a great new web client was coming. Well, it finally came and honestly, they would have been better off sticking with the fat client. Why..? You may ask. Because the interface is Flash! Yes, the same Flash that should have been deprecated by now, the same Flash that has more Zero-day vulnerabilities than a tennis net has holes. I don't understand why any company would develop an interface in Flash or Java at this point. I can here some people at VMware saying if we were to develop the vSphere 6 web client in HTML5 it would take more time. I think most if not all customers would say ok take the time, because HTML5 is the best way to go point blank!

I will say this, the vCenter doesn't totally suck


1) New platform architecture 

2) Upgrade process is supposed to be a lot easier


1) Uses Flash — vulnerabilities, vulnerabilities, usability is terrible.

2) Uses Java — A catastrophe, Issues with every Java upgrade that are compatibility related,"security enhancements", vulnerabilities

3) Uses browsers & plugins — impacted by browser releases or changes, versions, vulnerabilities

I think that VMware needs to be more transparent about what they are doing with the replacement of this terrible Flash interface. I also think that they need to keep the TAM's informed so they can keep customers apprised of the progress.


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Direct Link to this Comment Mick Russom - Saturday, December 30, 2017 15:47
I quit working at vmware because they dont know anything about cloud and they ruined the ESXi ecosystem, the new web clients suck (flash and html 5), they are anti-cloud - hard to license, NSX still isnt built in and there are too many flavors of it, NSXT, NSX, NSX-nicira and whatever - its a terrible SDN. Multitenancy still sucks, they gave up on their own cloud and they are trying to survive by playing nice with amazon but not nice with microsoft. Joke. The vcenter server experience is trash. That stuff should be as easy as 1-2-3, but its always a pain in the butt. I still use windows as of 6.5U1d because the "appliance" is a disgusting hog and has 50 partitions. The fact NSX isnt a freebie with ESXi given how horrible it is its a joke. The whole ecosystem is the worst form of lockin and we should all run from it especially in the age of cloud.

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